18Jun 2018

Lawn burn or “Dog spots” is a very common issue many dog owners face when it comes to trying to maintain a healthy lawn. The problem is caused by high levels of nitrogen in dog’s urine over fertilize the area that it pees on and subsequently “burns” the grass. These spots are extremely easy to […]

14Nov 2017

No matter where you are in Canada; you’ve probably experienced a bit of early winter this year. This is just Mother Nature giving us an earlier reminder to get our gardens ready for when winter comes. Here is a great checklist to follow to get your garden in tiptop shape for the spring season.   […]

10Jul 2017
Supergreen Companion Planting

What is companion planting? Companion planting is the idea that certain plants can benefit from each other when planted in proximity. A perfect example of companion planting is the “Three Sisters.” The three sisters, Corn/maize, Pole Beans, and winter squash were all planted together harmoniously by the Native American’s* because they recognized the value that […]

26Apr 2017

As a brand-new gardener, we all have to start somewhere. If you’d like to make as few mistakes as possible, then this guide should help make your first growing season a smooth one. I remember when I was first bitten by the gardening bug. We had just purchased our first home and my husband had […]

13Apr 2017
Supergreen® Easter egg dying

Naturally dyed Easter Eggs, from your garden! Stop! Don’t compost those onion skins! Yes, you heard me right, we want to keep those onion skins! They are just one of the many natural plants we can use to do our Easter Egg dying this year. Now if we’re especially lucky we could actually use our […]

26Feb 2017
Supergreen Valentine's day potpourri

Your sweetie completely aced Valentine’s day! So your sweetie completely aced it this year by getting you a beautiful bouquet of roses. You flaunted them at your desk and you were the envy of the office. Now its two weeks later. You completely forgot to change their water and they look less than happy. Don’t […]

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